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        R&D Center

        R&D Center

        The R&D center of Capot is located in Joinhands Sci Park, Hangzhou, which owns a team of professional chemists who have years of experience in chemical synthesis.

        Its well-equipped laboratory has HPLC , GC and other analytical instruments, dedicated to the R&D, inspection and process developing. Reactions can be carried out by 50L glass-lined vessels and 10L high-pressure hydrogenation vessels and autoclaves.

        Analytical Facilities & Instrumentation:

        • HPLC with UV and ELSD detectors
        • GC
        • GC-MS
        • FT-IR
        • AA
        • UV-visible spectrophotometer
        • Karl-Fischer titrator
        • NMR

        Choose Capot , choose a good professional partner!

        " We can synthesize and manufacture from 1 gram to 10MT or more. "

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