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    On July 1, with the neat and high-pitched national anthem, Hongsheng Jianye's July 1 commendation meeting with the theme of "Party Building Cohesive Strength, Hongsheng's Original Mind" was successfully held in Shangrao Jianye Silicon Valley Project


    On June 17, Hongsheng Jianye organized a fire safety knowledge training meeting to enhance fire protection awareness, do a good job of fire protection in accordance with regulations, and ensure the safety of life and property.


    On June 1, the May commendation meeting with the theme of "Labor Building New Achievements and Ingenuity Creates Glory" was held as scheduled in the Project Department of Shangrao Construction Science and Technology Industrial Park. The personnel and


    On May 29th, Hongsheng Jianye held the annual cloud commendation and literary performance of "Looking back and looking at the original heart, dreaming of the new voyage" at its Shanghai headquarters. The event takes the form of live event + online live broadcast. 3 outstanding management teams, 6 outstanding managers, 11 outstanding individuals, and 7 special contribution awards for ten years of wind and rain were commended on the spot.

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