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    Bidding for the earth and stone works of the Green Science and Technology Park in Block 3 of Shangrao Construction Technology Industrial Park has begun

    Release date:2020-06-16

    Guide:On July 1, with the neat and high-pitched national anthem, Hongsheng Jianye's July 1 commendation meeting with the theme of "Party Building Cohesive Strength, Hongsheng's Original Mind" was successfully held in Shangrao Jianye Silicon Valley Project Department. The project department commended "13 Hongsheng craftsmen, 3 excellent managers, 4 winning units, 1 safety star, 1 outstanding party activist and 1 outstanding Communist Party member" that emerged in the June battle And motivation.

    Today is the founding day of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The commendation meeting was chosen to be held on this day to celebrate with the party, which is both special and grand.

    At the meeting, Liu Xu, vice president of the group, on behalf of the chairman and the company, expressed his high respect and cordial condolences to all the commended members, front-line managers, and construction workers. He said that the recent rainy season coincides with the rainy season, which has added a lot of difficulty to the overall construction progress of the project, but our construction teams and all construction personnel are still facing difficulties under the scientific management and strict organization of the project department. Changes are taking place with each passing day. The results achieved by everyone's hard work are obvious to all. Facts have repeatedly proved: Hongsheng workers have strength and Hongsheng teams can fight!

    With the tighter schedule and heavier tasks, I hope that everyone will work hard to keep up with the party, practice the original aspiration, make persistent efforts, keep in mind the instructions and trust of the chairman, and continue to promote "particularly able to endure hardships, especially able to fight, and especially capable The spirit of dedication, with the Luban Award as the standard, and the goal of building the country's first digital-intelligence demonstration park for the construction industry, always puts safe construction in the first place, unites and overcomes any difficulties, and works hand in hand to achieve greater victory.

    At the end of the conference, the commended representatives spoke in succession and stated that they would implement the Hongsheng core values of "casting high-quality projects and creating a better life" while doing a good job in safe construction, and hand in a perfect answer to the group, the motherland and the people.