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        Good news | Hongsheng Jianye's construction project was rated as a safe and civilized construction site for construction projects in Hubei Province

        Recently, it was learned from the document of the Hubei Provincial Construction Engineering Quality Safety Association (Ejian Quality Safety Association (2020) No. 7) that the general contracting project of the integrated business building of the Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd. Enshizhou Branch undertaken by Hongsheng Construction. ..

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    • Forging the Party’s Soul and Strong Faith, 8 activists from the group went to Shangrao for training

      Hongsheng Jianye organized 8 party activists to Fang Zhimin’s hometown-Shangrao, Jiangxi, to participate in the 2020 training class for party activists and party members in the Shangrao High-speed Railway Economic Pilot Zone, constantly tempering the party spirit, strengthening ideals and beliefs, and keeping in mind the original heart of the party. This training helped activists and development targets to understand the party constitution, party history, and personal advanced examples of party members in the experimental area by organizing self-study, intensive teaching, and watching audio-visual videos of party members in the experimental area...

    • Media companies join hands | Talk about industry development and help brand promotion

      Zhou Jinhu, Chairman of Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group, and his entourage went to the Construction Times for cooperation and exchanges. Construction Times' Chief Editor Yu Kaikai, Operations Director Sun Xiancheng and other relevant persons in charge accompanied the discussion. Last, Chairman Zhou Jinhu gave a detailed introduction on the development history, corporate qualifications, business sections and development plans of Hongsheng Jianye. From entrepreneurship to establishment, the group has always adhered to the corporate tenet of "integrity, stability, innovation, and dedication"...

    • Public welfare live broadcast | Bring goods for poverty alleviation and help farmers, endorsement for hometown specialties

      The "Shangshang Live Broadcasting" Poverty Alleviation and Helping Agricultural Charity Carrying Goods "Shangrao Mountain Products, Ningde Seafood" special event jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Liaison Office of Shangrao Municipal Government in Shanghai and the Ningde Municipal Party Working Committee in Shanghai was held in Shanghai Shangrao Chamber of Commerce Chairman Unit Hongsheng Jianye Investment The group's Shanghai headquarters was held. The live broadcast room jointly recommended special agricultural products from Shangrao and Ningde, and vigorously promoted and promoted hometown specialties and products from village enterprises. Leaders and chamber of commerce presidents took turns to shout for helping farmers and poverty alleviation. The atmosphere in the live broadcast room continued to climax...

    • Do not forget the nostalgia, seek common development-the first exchange forum of Shanghai Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce and Shanghai Shangrao Chamber of Commerce held in Shanghai

      The first exchange symposium of Shanghai Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce and Shanghai Shangrao Chamber of Commerce was held in Shanghai. The meeting discussed strengthening exchanges between chambers of commerce, giving play to the role of the chambers of commerce as a bridge, and jointly helping Jiangxi's economic and industrial development. The meeting was presided over by Liu Fan, Secretary General of Shanghai Shangrao Chamber of Commerce, Ding Yi, Director of the Shanghai Liaison Office of Shangrao Municipal Government, Du Guihua, Executive Chairman of Shanghai Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, Luo Bin, Secretary General, Zhou Jinhu, Chairman of Shanghai Shangrao Chamber of Commerce, and Yang Yinbing, Executive Chairman. ..

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