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        Commercial Manufacturing

        Commercial Manufacturing

        Located in Hangzhou Jiande Chennan Industrial Zone and Hangzhou Gulf Fine Chemical Industrial Zone, our commercial production sites are equipped with the facilities which are capable of handling the projects with the quantity at multi-hundred-metric tons. This allows Capot to provide the customers with a wide range of products at a flexible delivery time.


        • Glass-lined reactor: 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L;
        • Stainless-steal reactor: 1000L,2000L;
        • Ceramic Reactors: 300L, 500L, 2000L;
        • Autoclaves:500L, 1000L;
        • Temperature range: -78oC to 250oC;
        • Pressure: up to 120psi;
        • High vacuum system: 1mmHg.

        Choose Capot , choose a good professional partner!

        " We can synthesize and manufacture from 1 gram to 10MT or more. "

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