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        Analytical Facilities

        Analytical Facilities

        Capot's analysis and testing center is located in Joinhands Sci Park, Hangzhou.

        Analytical Instrumentation:

        • 600 MHz, Bruker NMR, AVANCE III HD
        • LC/MS (Schimadzu, LC-20AD pump, LC-MS 2010EV detector)
        • HPLC (reverse phase, Schimadzu, UV/Vis SPD-20A, LC-20AT pump)
        • Gas Chromatography (GC-7890F, Shanghai Techcomp )

        We have access to other analytical services at Sioc and Zhejiang University.

        Choose Capot , choose a good professional partner!

        " We can synthesize and manufacture from 1 gram to 10MT or more. "

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