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        WE ARE CAPOT

        A Custom Synthesis Company

        Established in 1996, Capot Chemical Co.,Ltd is a custom synthesis manufacturer, which is headquartered in Hangzhou,P.R.China. As an ISO 9001:2015 certificated company, Capot has a safety management system in place. It produces a wide range of organics, especially fluorine, boronic acids, unnatural amino acids, cross linkers, chiral building blocks, heterocyclic compounds and other active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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        Our Service

        20 years experience in Custom synthesis.

        Core Technologies

        Bridge your process. Asymmetric reduction,Grignard reaction,Lithiation reaction,Ozonolysis,Suzuki Coupling Reaction,Tetrazole synthesis,Diels-Alder Reaction...

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        Custom Synthesis

        Custom synthesis service for:Fine chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates;A combination of R&D,synthesis and mass production;Perfect testing facilities and techniques...

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        CRO & CMO

        Capot has 20 year-experience of custom synthesis, and specializes in the contract manufacturing of APIs, cGMP and non-GMP intermediates from kilograms up to hundreds of metric tons.

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        Production Sites

        A Custom Synthesis Company.

        Capot can synthesize and purify your complex molecules from 1g to 10MT+.